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Speech-Language and Occupational Therapy  
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How do we get started?


If you are interested in speech and/or language therapy, please call the speech therapy scheduling coordinator, Cari Syron, at 703-941-7757, extension 101. If interested in occupational therapy, please contact Deb Barbara at 703-750-2443, extension 110. Cari and Deb work Monday through Thursday and will return your call within 2-3 business days.

You may also contact us through our online form here.

What information is gathered from the initial phone intake?

Your child’s biographical information (i.e. name, age, birthdate, grade, etc.)

The nature of your concerns regarding your child’s sensory needs, speech, language, or motor development.

What type of service you are interested in (i.e. evaluation, individual or group therapy, cotreatment with OT/ST, etc.)

What other evaluations, if any, have already been performed and the results of those evaluations. If you decide to pursue therapy with our clinic, we will often ask for copies of any recent and pertinent evaluations.

Your child’s schedule and availability to come in to the office for treatment and/or an evaluation.

Which office you are interested in i.e. McLean or Annandale, and/or whether you are interested in treatment at your child’s school, home, or daycare center. (While we are only able to provide minimal home treatment at this time, this option is a possibility for speech therapy and should be mentioned during the initial phone call)


What happens next?


An information packet containing general information about our practice, rates, cancellation policy, and other forms to fill out will be sent to the address you provide.

If an evaluation is required, an appointment with an appropriate diagnostician will be scheduled.

If your child has already been evaluated and therefore ready to begin treatment, the scheduling coordinator will attempt to find an open appointment slot that works with your schedule as well as the schedule of an appropriate therapist.

If no appointments are available that fit your family’s schedule, your child will be placed on our waiting list until an opening occurs.  You will then be contacted to initiate services at that time.

Once your child is placed on a therapist’s caseload, sessions generally occur once or twice per week for one-hour sessions. Occasionally, shorter sessions are provided depending on your child’s needs.  Your child’s therapy slot is reserved for your child and therefore regular attendance is necessary in order to maintain that session time.  Further information on our cancellation policy is located in the introductory packet that will be mailed to you.



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