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  Policies and Procedures  
  We love to see your child making progress so we are strict about encouraging attendance!

You can read our general reminders here, or click the links below to read our specific policies:

Payment Policy

Cancellation Policy

Offsite Policies

Sickness Policy

Snow Policy

Summer Policies


Questions regarding our policies should be directed to Cari Syron, clinic owner, at 703-941-7757 x101.



FYI We do NOT follow late opening or early closing procedures of Fairfax County.  If Fairfax County schools are open late or close early, the office remains open for appointments as usual for the day.  Your child’s therapist will contact you about keeping or re-scheduling that day’s appointment.


Payment Policy (effective January 2016)

Payment for therapy sessions is required at the completion of each appointment with your child’s therapist, with the exception of group and offsite visits which are billed monthly..  A superbill will be provided to you at that time, showing the amount due and paid, as well as all necessary coding required by insurance companies. Payments can be made by check, cash or credit card at the Annandale or McLean offices.  Therapy sessions are inclusive of time for writing of treatment notes, parent feedback, billing/payment, clean-up and preparation.  Accordingly, direct treatment time with your child for a one-hour session would be 45-50 minutes, 35-40 minutes for a 45 minute session, and 25 minutes for a half hour session.

If your child is being evaluated for services, we require full payment at the time of the assessment. 

We are not participating providers for any insurance company and therefore submission of invoices/claims is the responsibility of the patient’s family.

Two week notice is required to alert your child’s therapist to any unexpected termination of service.  A fee equal to 2 weeks of service will be charged without this notice.


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Cancellation Policy (effective January 2016)

When you schedule an appointment with our clinic, you are *reserving* the therapist’s time. In order to ensure your child gets the most out of his/her therapy program and that our therapist’s available time is maximized, we must adhere to the following strict cancellation policy:

24-hour cancellation is preferred whenever possible; however, you must leave a voicemail for your child’s therapist by 8:00am on the day of your appointment to avoid incurring a full session fee.

Email cancellations are not acceptable unless made one week in advance of your scheduled appointment.

All no-show appointments will be charged the full therapy fee.

Should you fail to cancel an appointment and/or not show up at your scheduled appointment three times during the course of your child’s treatment, therapy will be terminated. The same will hold true for frequent cancellations (missing more than 6 weekly sessions per school year) without rescheduling. You will be billed for any outstanding balance.

If you arrive late to an appointment, you are still responsible for the full session fee.

Skill Builders will close on Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

Scheduling makeup appointments is strongly encouraged to ensure consistency in your child’s treatment program but are only available per therapist availability.

GROUP – This cancellation policy also applies to group therapy sessions, however, make-up appointments are not generally available. Frequent cancellations will result in a loss of your group treatment spot as one child’s absence affects the entire group dynamic and progress.

OFFSITE – See offsite policies.


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Offsite Therapy Policies and Procedures

We are happy to accommodate your family's scheduling needs by seeing your child at home, school or daycare. In order to see your child offsite, therapists must take extra time to plan, prepare materials, and travel. Please note the following policies that are specific to offsite visits:

Prior to the first therapy session, please confirm with your child’s classroom teacher that the scheduled therapy time will be suitable. On therapy days, it is helpful to remind your child’s teacher at drop-off that we are coming that day.  Additionally, it is your responsibility to coordinate an appropriate treatment area with the school staff, as space can often be limited during the school day.

If there are any changes to your child's regular schedule, you are responsible for letting your therapist know by 8am on the day of scheduled therapy. This includes instances such as illness, field trips, school closings or inclement weather. As we do not contract our services with specific schools, we do not receive communication from them regarding scheduled or unscheduled closings. Our relationship is with you, the client; thus failure to provide adequate notice will result in a full-session charge for that day’s session.

Should you fail to cancel an appointment and/or not show up at your schedule appointment 3 times during your child's treatment, therapy may be terminated. The same will hold true for frequent cancellations (missing more than 6 weekly sessions per school year without rescheduling.) You will be billed for any outstanding balance.

All of our therapists make a concerted effort to collaborate with your child's teacher and will try to speak with them regularly regarding treatment, progress and carryover in the school environment. Following each session, you will receive a clinical note regarding that day's treatment activities as well as recommendations for home. This note will be the primary method of communication between you and your child's therapist. If you have questions or wish to discuss that day’s session further, please email or call your therapist directly.

Often schools request that teachers and other administrative staff have access to our schedules and treatment plans for liability and logistical purposes. Your child’s therapist will collaborate with his/her teacher for continuity of care, and allowing the teacher to have a copy of the treatment goals best ensures carryover of skills in their school environment. If you do not wish for us to share a copy of your child’s treatment plan, please note this on the release of information form given to you in the initial packet.

It is necessary for us to have your credit card on file at our office. You card will be charged at the end of every month for sessions completed and you will receive an invoice the first week of each month. You will be billed for any charges accrued for parking. This will appear on your monthly invoice.


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Sickness Policy (effective January 2016)

In order to ensure the health of your child, the health of other children that we serve, and the health of our therapists, we request that parents/caregivers cancel therapy sessions for the following communicable illnesses as soon as symptoms appear:

  • Fever of 100 degrees or over, within 24 hours of a visit
  • Runny or stuffy nose with green mucus
  • Influenza (flu)
  • Strep Throat, unless child has been on antibiotics for four days
  • Child or anyone in household with conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Child or anyone in household with RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus)
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours of a visit
  • Rotavirus
  • Head lice
  • Hand, foot, and mouth virus
  • Ring worm
  • Contagious rashes
  • Any other contagious conditions
  • Any illness preventing you or your child from participating in normal daily activities
  • Any illness preventing your child from attending daycare or school

This policy applies to siblings in the waiting area of our clinic.  If you are unsure if your child’s condition is contagious, please consult your doctor before his/her session.

It is important to cancel for these conditions to protect the health of your child and the numerous other children we serve each day.  Although some illnesses seem less severe than others, they can be detrimental to a medically fragile child. 

If a therapist notices any of the above conditions, your child’s session may be ended early.  Payment for the session will still be expected.

Please help us to protect all of the children at Skill Builders by respecting the Sickness Policy.

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Snow Policy (Neither snow, nor sleet, nor...)

We may not be as dependable as the postal service, but we are still great therapists! On the days when ol' man winter blows snow our way, we will follow the procedures written below.

Your therapist will call you in the event of a Fairfax County snow day.  We will occasionally close the office on snow days, but more often than not, the decision will be made by you and your child’s therapist as to whether both of you feel comfortable making the trip to the office. 



We do NOT follow late opening or early closing procedures of Fairfax County.  If Fairfax County schools are open late or close early, the office remains open for appointments as usual for the day.  Your child’s therapist will contact you about keeping or re-scheduling that day’s appointment relative to the weather conditions.

Please check our Facebook page for the most up to date information. Updates may also be posted on our website, www.skillbuildersllc.com.

Whenever you have a concern regarding the weather conditions, please call your child’s therapist as soon as possible to determine the best plan for both of you.

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General Policy Reminders

To see progress in therapy, we must see your child!  Each child has a therapy time slot that is kept only for him/her.  We need to know ASAP if you need to cancel or change the time.

24-hour cancellation is preferred, but to avoid a fee, we must receive a cancellation call by 8:00 AM on the day of the scheduled session.  Please leave a message on your child’s therapist’s voicemail.  Cancellations by e-mail are not acceptable unless done one week in advance.

No-show appointments or those cancelled after 8:00 AM will be charged the full session rate.  Make-up sessions are strongly encouraged, but the late cancellation charge will remain in place.

We love to see your child making progress, so we are strict about encouraging attendance! Therapy will be terminated following three missed appointments with no call to cancel.  Therapy is also stopped when frequent cancellations occur without re-scheduling.

An 85% attendance rate is essential.  During the 10-month school year, only 6 cancelled sessions are allowed for a child scheduled once/week (12 cancelled sessions for twice weekly kids).  After the cancellation limit has been reached, a charge of ½ the treatment rate will be made for each subsequent timely cancellation.   Your “reserved” time slot is worth something! That charge will be dropped if a make-up session is held within 2 weeks of the cancellation. 

Consistency is a good thing!  Make-up appointments are encouraged – if a make-up is held within two weeks of a cancelled session, that missed appointment will not count against your child’s allowed missed sessions.

Make-ups may be workable with a different therapist.  When appropriate, seeing a different OT or ST is a wonderful opportunity to gain fresh ideas and to assist your child with tolerating changes/encouraging flexibility. 

Please take note of our new Sick Policy – this has been developed to help keep all of us, therapists, families, clients, siblings, etc., healthy and available for treatment this year!

If you have decided to terminate treatment, 2 week notice is required of all patients.

Therapy sessions include the time for writing of treatment notes, parent feedback, billing/payment, clean-up and preparation.  Accordingly, direct treatment time/parent feedback for a 1-hour session is 45 to 50 minutes.  A 45-minute session provides 35 to 40 minutes of direct treatment and a 30-minute session offers 25 minutes of direct treatment/information exchange with the parents.

If you arrive late to a scheduled appointment, the full session fee will still be charged.

A copy of the full cancellation policy is available upon request from your therapist.  


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